Budget Blow Outs and your Hair and Makeup Artist

Hi all – wedding hair and makeup related topic today. Wedding budgets blow outs and how it effects your hair and makeup artist and subsequently – your big day.

Way back in 2003 when I first started out as a wedding makeup artist – weddings were a very different animal. In Perth, there was only a handful of wedding planning sites and most brides found us on those, through community paper adverts or word of mouth. Makeup was a bit of a luxury item at that time. It was a given that brides would have their hair done, but the makeup was generally not considered a must have. My prices started at $55 for makeup and $55 for hair. The bride and bridesmaids paid for their own service on the day and I never needed to ask for a deposit as bookings were pretty much guaranteed.

Today’s weddings are bigger, fancier and yes of course – pricier. But WHY? We went from fairly simple traditional weddings at a church or a park to a nice reception with pretty decorations. There wasn’t really a theme apart from the colours chosen for the bridesmaids and the napkins. Now – its an affair to remember and the pressure is on to have the best wedding amongst your friends and family.

So aside from inflation – why are wedding budgets blowing out? I blame chair covers!!!!

As far as I’m concerned – it all started with chair covers. Venues and their tables and chairs were all a bit unsophisticated in the 2000’s. So chair covers were brought in to pretty up the place and go with the colour theme. The brides then only had to contend with ugly carpets (eek!). Next came the goldfish in the glass bowls as centrepieces and well the rest is history – we were goners!! Weddings became more and more lavish and with it came higher and higher expectations, more pressure and yes – higher prices. So is it the chicken and the egg? Well sort of yes!

At the dreamy beginning of planning a wedding – money is no object. Now there’s Photo Booths, oversized MR and MRS signs, bespoke signposts pointing to the dance floor, relationship memorabilia, games and other different goings on at weddings these days. Must have hand painted wedding shoes, multiple dress changes and dance routines. Bachelor and Hens nights are full on affairs with lots of money spent on those too. Weddings have definitely changed in 12 years.

Its time for the veil                                          Signing on the dotted line                                      Cake me!

Cut to 2015 and everyone gets their hair and not just makeup  – but lashes, tans, brows, nails, hair extensions and facial hi-lighting and contouring like Kim Kardashian. With this comes training, years of expereince and bucket loads of products to keep up with the trends. However for some, hair and makeup artist quality and experience is not high on the list or even a priority. Luckily us hair and makeup artists come in all sizes and shapes, with differing amounts of experience and talent and price ranges to reflect that so you can choose what suits you. But now we come to the newest thing – where the bride and groom pay for absolutely everything themselves. Hence the budget blow out …. and us hair and makeup artists seem to be at the receiving end.

Oh dear – hair and makeup. “God I said I’d pay for everyone!” screams the bride……”Its ok dear” says the groom “lets have a look at Gumtree for the cheapest person we can find”. Yes – its a big problem, budgets do get spent and the money does run out. So sure – go and find the cheapest person you can find, we wish you the best with that. But for your information on the etiquette of dealing with us professionals – please, please, please – don’t haggle with someone with years of experience and ask them to lower their prices, just because you’ve had a budget blow out. And another thing – please don’t change your booking a week before the wedding from a 7 person party to a 3 person party. This is a no no! Your artist has kept that day free for you for over a year. Turned countless other parties away and also may have gone to the trouble of booking an assistant (who has also turned other work away) so you can look amazing on your big day with the most beautiful wedding party ever in tow.

Don’t get me wrong – we love you and weddings are our bread and butter. We work hard to get the best products and keep up our training to do our very best for every Bride. Just don’t turn on the hand that draws on your eye liner at the last minute. Perhaps you can live without that third wedding gown to change into and put that money towards the quality products and expertise, not to mention passion…. that will show every single day in your wedding photos for the years to come.

Just saying…..

Shelley x



Why you need us for your wedding day

Above are images from the beautiful bride Roxanne. Karlie and I did her wedding makeup and hair for her big day 22 November 2014 with assistance on hair by Alison.

Getting ready Roxanne was a delight, with her two bridesmaids being her closest friends here in Perth as she has recently moved over from Tassie to be with her Beau. Her good friend Cameron took these lovely photos for her.

As you will see from the above gallery – Roxanne’s hair was set and left to cool while her makeup was being done. You will also notice that once she was done up by us – nothing moved or went awry. She looked perfect all day and night.

“Thanks again. I look at the pictures and can’t believe how absolutely stunning I looked all day!!!! Very talented ladies.
All the best,


So if you want your hair and makeup to look perfect all day and night – then book the Minx Cosmetics hair and makeup team.

We love weddings and we love getting Brides ready so they look and feel stunning the whole day.

Shelley 😉

Wedding Hair Chit Chat

Its your wedding soon, you’ve got the dress, the veil, the jewellery and shoes, now its time to decide on your hairstyle!

Well if you’ve got everything else, this will really help you to decide on what hairstyle will suit you and your chosen theme. That is vintage, classic, avante guard, boho, romantic, undone and messy, editorial etc etc.

I’ve got a current client who love love loves messy undone hair and I mean really messy like she could have done it herself in one second! My style is very messy and undone sorta soft and romantic but other hairdressers prefer classic and smooth. Thank god barrel curls have finally seen their day and its all about whatever you want – no rules and no limits.

Some ideas for different types of wedding themes, hair lengths and hair personalities…..have fun choosing! (Click on link to enlarge)