To Extend Or Not To Extend? – That Is The Question

I’ve been working on a few clients lately that have hair extensions. Now I’m a big fan of clip ins because they can be moved about and added or you can leave pieces out. But sewn in wefts and tape extensions seem to be all the rage – however they are a bit of a nightmare to work with from a hairstylists perspective. So the question is – do you need them for your wedding hairstyle and are they your only option? I say no!

Enter clip in chignons –

blog6-2blog6-1Aren’t they great!

blog6-3These are available on E-bay, just match to your own hair or get your stylist to order it for you if you’re not sure.

Also there is hair padding to volumise any style –
These are from Sharon Blain’s collection but there are much cheaper options such as your local $2 shop 😉


So if you have shorter hair or very fine hair – these are much easier and cheaper options for your wedding day or a big event where you want a glamorous up-do.

Tip – if your clip-in is very different in colur to your natural hair, you can always drape your own hair over it instead. I recently did this for a bride and she loved it!

Happy clipping in :-)