Wedding Hair Chit Chat

Its your wedding soon, you’ve got the dress, the veil, the jewellery and shoes, now its time to decide on your hairstyle!

Well if you’ve got everything else, this will really help you to decide on what hairstyle will suit you and your chosen theme. That is vintage, classic, avante guard, boho, romantic, undone and messy, editorial etc etc.

I’ve got a current client who love love loves messy undone hair and I mean really messy like she could have done it herself in one second! My style is very messy and undone sorta soft and romantic but other hairdressers prefer classic and smooth. Thank god barrel curls have finally seen their day and its all about whatever you want – no rules and no limits.

Some ideas for different types of wedding themes, hair lengths and hair personalities…..have fun choosing! (Click on link to enlarge)